Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Tagged & An Award!

Well .... I've been tagged by the lovely Sharon & Beth ... no need (I hope!) on this occasion to reveal any toe-curlingly embarrassing personal facts, as the rules are: go to "Pictures" on your PC, select the 6th album and the 6th picture, upload it to your blog and explain what its about, then select 5 people to do the same!

Now this was a bit of a brain teaser for me as my photos are spread all over the shop according to whether they were taken on digital camera or camera phone, plus the digital camera software is not Vista compatible (I have just discovered lol!) so it is playing up. However after a bit of messing about I think the following picture fits the crteria, and as it happens it is one that makes me smile ...

This is a pic taken in the inner courtyard of the Basilica di San Marco in Venice: the Basilica is on the left and the arches on the right are part of the Palazzo Ducale. It was taken in September 2007 on my wedding anniversary, when I went with my husband for a three day break to Venice - I had never been before and we had a totally fab time :-). I had ALWAYS wanted to visit Venice, so when we first arrived and took a vaporetto along the Grand Canal to our hotel I was so excited I was quite beside myself ! Oh happy days!
Now the hard part ... I have to tag 5 more people to share their pics .. tee hee!! So here we go with Cathy, Dawny, Helen, Sarah, and Tracie.
I have also been blessed this week with another award, and some lovely words from Marcea and Helen. It really means a lot and I'm touched :-)

The rules of this are to pass it on to 5 others .... as ever very hard to choose and many blogs I love have already (rightly!) received it. I would like though to pass it back to Marcea and Helen for being such great friends and inspirational blogs, and similarly onwards to Sharon, Debbie and Carole.


  1. Thanks (???!!) Pauline - will go and check out my folders!
    Fab pic and it brought back so many memories as I did part of my degree in Veinice.
    Cathy xx

  2. ...hmmmm...thanks for the tag...I think...lol!
    Gorgeous photo...I love Italy!
    Helen x
    PS - thanks also for passing the award back :0)

  3. So glad you played along with the tag Pauline - what a fab photo and lovely memory for you.
    Thanks for the award; I really do appreciate it. Thanks for thinking of me. I'll pop it onto my blog tomorrow.
    Sharon xx

  4. Aahhhh, thanks for the award Pauline, so kind of you to think of me.......I definitely pass it straight back to you.....thanks for all your sweet comments.
    Carole x

  5. Wow! This is a stunning photo! Thanks for playing along! xx

  6. Hi,
    I have an award for You, too on my Blog *g*



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