Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Woo hoo! New blog header

Having seen so many gorgeous headers on other craft blogs I decided to treat myself, so yesterday I emailed Jo at Siggi-Shop, who followed my design brief carefully but very imaginatively to produce the new header you see above.

I can't recommend Jo highly enough, as she was both quick and extremely helpful, willingly making a couple of small adjustments to the orignal design until I was completely happy. She also gave me detailed adice on how to install it - all for the fantastic bargain price of £5. Thanks Jo ... you're a star!


  1. YAY! See? told you you could do it ;)
    and doesn't it look grand eh?
    I'm so happy you like it and cannot thank you enough for the lovely appraisal, and also for the link back to my blog... thank you Pauline xx

  2. Wow, lovely header. I love the brushstroke flowers in the background. You & Cathy will put me to shame lol.

  3. Its lovely, very pretty and goes so well with your nice restful scheme - ChrissyX

  4. Wow Pauline, its gorgeous!!
    You are no longer a blogging virgin are you? Told you its addictive!!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your creations here so I can snaffle ideas!LOL
    Cathy xx


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