Saturday, 27 October 2012

Toot toot for The Ribbon Girl

I always think it's easy to complain when things go wrong, but also easy not to bother to give credit when things go well ... so I'd like to give credit where it's due for the fantastic service I received this week from Mary at The Ribbon Girl.

I'm sure many of you are already familiar with The Ribbon Girl ... I'm probably the last person in blog land to find my way to her shop! I had been aware of the shop but had never visited (maybe I was subliminally frightened of how many yummy goodies I would find in there!!). 

Anyhoo, this week I went online, discovered that I was overwhelmed by choice of yummy goodies, and after a lot of deliberation I managed to whittle down my order to £25 worth and off it went. I put a note in the instructions to label the package not to left anywhere, as our postie has a habit lf leaving packages outside, and since the recent changes to postal regulations they can also leave them with any neighbour and who's to know where they've been left??  Mary emailed me the same evening asking if I would like my order packaged in 2 thinner packages that would go through the letterbox - I was very impressed with that to start with.

When the goodies arrived they were gorgeous - everything I hoped for -  with one teeny exception: a little sprig of berries I ordered had accidentally been replaced with a sprig of similar but different flowers - an easy mistake to make when packaging lots of small things. I emailed Mary and asked politely if she could send the right ones, and she couldn't have been nicer - was very apologetic (she already suspected this mistake had happened) and even sent me a pack of pearls along with the correct goods!! That was really beyond the call of duty -after all anyone can make a slip, but the customer service in dealing with it was really great.

I will definitely be buying from Mary again - the first order barely scratched the surface of the things I wanted (needed??) in the store - and I'd happily recommend it to anyone.

Happy crafting :-)


  1. Completely agree with you Pauline, and don't they come packaged so nicely? Best customer service ever!

    Tags xx

  2. I agree with you too. It's lovely for you to give them the praise they deserve


  3. Oh...I love the Ribbon Girl's like Christmas when one of their gorgeous parcels arrives! lol
    Just wanted to pop by to say thank you for the gorgeous Hallowe'en card you sent me - I love has pride of place on my bookcase!
    Helen x


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