Friday, 27 June 2008

Stickeroo Mania!

I recently got totally carried away at the Port Sunlight craft fair, and couldn't resist a whole load of PB stickeroos cos they were on offer!! having got them home the guilt kicked in .. what should I DO with all this stuff?? So I made a batch of 14 simple friendship RAK's for a circle of crafting friends I've got close to .. great fun matching up the stickeroos with brads, flowers and ribbons whilst trying to keep the time per card down!! here are the first 5 ... hope you like them - I got some very kind comments from the recipients :-)


  1. Hee hee, I have my card in front of me when I craft so it's nice to see it in the blogging world too!

    Have re-tried to explain the linky thing again but this time I have added a real web-site that explains it all much better than me lol, still happy to help if I haven't been sacked for my awful attempt earlier "hangs head in shame"

  2. YEAH!!! mines on this one! :-D

    Great batch of cards hun! mine to is on my desk where i craft! :o)

  3. These photo's don't do the cards justice Pauline, they're ever so pretty and very classical. I just love mine. I have it on the shelf above my computer. It's just too pretty to put away. Thank you.

    Mand xxx


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