Saturday, 3 January 2009

Ooh a lovely award!!

Many thanks to Tracie .... as if it wasn't enough for her to invite me to be on the PB Saturday Challenge DT in the first place, she has awarded the DT members this award to thank us for being on it ... how fab is that?? :-)

The rules of this award are to pass it on to 5 people (always the hard part ... narrowing it down to 5, I mean LOL!!), and to list 5 things you are addicted to. Well.... in terms of addictions ...

1. This is easy - chocolate - no question!! Sorry ladies but I'm afraid if I had to choose between crafting and chocolate I would throw my beloved Cuttlebug, nesties and PB stamps out of the window. OK I'm ashamed, but at least I've now got that off my chest pmsl!
2. Penny Black stamps ... my collection is getting pretty big now, to the extent I have started to get interested in discontinued and vintage ones! Truth is I have PB stamps to fit almost every conceivable occasion, but still can't resist buying more!!
3. My bed ... love my sleep and find it v hard to part from it of a morning (esp. in this freezing weather!!)
4. Blogging ... i sometimes think it is getting in the way of actual crafting LOL!!
5. Prima flowers ... why do they make so many???

Rightee ... as I said above it is v difficult to choose 5 people to pass it on to but here goes ....

Sharon, Helen, Dawny P, Bev, Cathy.



  1. Oooooh thankyou hun!
    Might take me a while to narrow down my addictions! lol
    Helen x

  2. Thanks so much sweetie

    hugs Bev x

  3. Thanks Pauline. Just to let you know I've passed the award on now.

  4. congratualtions on your award :)
    hope you had a lovely christmas and a happy new year to you and your family
    Tracy x

  5. congrats hun - have emailed you


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