Thursday, 16 June 2011

Sorry I'm a bad blogger!!

Hi there,
Sorry I haven't been round much to comment on my dear bloggy friends' blogs, or indeed on challenge entries ... but there are two reasons for that right now ....

First - i'm still having problmes with blogger and logging in. I have noticed a pattern to this actually - it only happens on blogs where the comment box is embedded in the blog post, not where you open a new commenting window. regardless, this has slowed my pace when trying to hop around commenting.

Second - I have been suffering lately with terrible pain in my right elbow and forearm .. I reckon it is an RSI type pain as it goes worse when I do a lot of computing (bearing in mind that I also have to work at a PC off and on all day for my job). This week it flared up really badly to the point that it knoocked me off work one day - I never slept a wink all night long and felt like I was being stabbed in the arm with hot knives!!

It's a bit better now but I'm still in ibuprofen city, so I reckon I need to minimise my blogging just for the time being ....

Luckily crafting doesn't seem to harm it so far as i can work out :-)

Thinking of you all
Pauline x


  1. Very sorry to hear about your arm but glad to hear it hasnt been affecting the crafting!

    Blogger seems to hate me too as it does exactly the same to me when I try to comment - its extremly frustrating and I am yet to figure out a way to get round it!

    Hope your arm gets better soon!!

    Rach :) xx

  2. Hi Pauline, try unticking the "keep me signed in" box before you sign in, you should notice a huge difference and it will let you comment as normal. I have suffered from RSi in the past and you really do have to stop on the PC - mine was in my wrist so even worse, luckily it did get better and work were brilliant and changed all of my workstation. Hugs, Claire x

  3. Ohh hunny sorry your not in great shape with your arm/elbow! not good! hope that it improves quickly xx


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