Sunday, 20 March 2011

Having a bit of trouble ... anyone else the same?

For some reason, the past few days my blog won't load up properly ... it loads my main post window and part of my sidebar and then goes to sleep. I have tried removing my blog background and the sidebar widget immediately below where it goes to sleep but no joy .... anyone else having this problem?? (I've tried it on 2 different PC's so that's not the problem)

In the meantime unfortunately I can't do a lot of visiting as i can't see any of my blog links - I can't see all the challenge blog links either which is also a total pain!!

Hope this will soon be sorted .... any ideas welcome!


  1. Hi Pauline it looks like it's your free counter that you need to remoave as it isn't loading.

    If you loook in the bottom left corner whilst your blog is loading it indicates that it "waiting" for the counter..looks like it's stuck!! then it will stop everything that should load after that from loading.

    Hope that helps
    kerry x

  2. Hmmm...I'm not having any probs...what browser are you using??? I use Firfox...just wondering if you've updated to IE 9...cos I know that's caused problems for another blogger...
    Helen x

  3. Yes, my friend Stacey (staceyscraftycreations) was having this problem for a couple of days, (not sure if she still is) she thought there was something wrong with her computer and so went around deleting lots of old photos and files trying to lighten the load etc. She said yesterday that it was a bit better but still not right...she has apple, don't know if that makes a difference.

  4. Hi Pauline
    I have tried 3 different browsers , mozilla firefox and google chrome both show your blog perfect, but internet explorer doesn't show the sidebar
    it might be an idea to try a different browser


  5. Pauline i had the same problem with blogger for a long time ended up moving to wordpress! hope you get it sorted

    Ali x

  6. Hi Pauline,
    Yes i have been having the same problem. Its been for a few days now i think, cant remember when it first noticed exactly.
    Sometime if i press the f5 button to reload then the side bars appear but not always. I also had a day where the very top navigation bar (where New post, design and Sign out options are was not there either!!
    Hope it sorts itself out. Also happens when i am on other bogs too. I cant see your side bars.

    Lynne x


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