Sunday, 15 February 2009

Friends old and new ...

I was really thrilled and touched to receive the following award from my lovely friend Sharon - it made me smile and that means a lot :-)

I decided that I would like to pass this on to "friends old and new" - some friends from pre-blogging days who have also got blogs (either long-standing or more recently), plus a few of my newest friends who I have come across through blogging.
Carol, Cathy, Helen, Jo, Samantha, Sue, Carole, Debbie, Jacqui, Marcea, Tracie.
Enjoy, ladies!


  1. aw thanks hun - will post it to my blog with my next card :o)
    Thanks for thinking of me

  2. Thanks Pauline! This is really sweet - you've made my day!
    Helen x

  3. Me again,
    I know it's probably against the rules, but I just wanted to say that I'm giving this award to you!
    Helen x

  4. Hi Pauline, congratulations on this fabulous award hun and thank you so much for thinking of little ole me..
    Hope you't had a good weekend
    Tracie :)xx

  5. Thanks Pauline, still not quite got the hang of this blogging lark exactly, will get there eventually, I suppose. I love your blog, cards, everything, btw, when do you get the time to make all your lovely cards? xxsue

  6. Aw!!!! thanks dear so nice of you to think of me I am honoured to accep this award
    lots of hugs
    Jacqui x

  7. Ahh, thanks for thinking of me again Pauline, so nice to receive an award from you.
    Carole x


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