Monday, 10 November 2008

I've been tagged - twice!

Well ... I've been tagged by both Helen & Angel4031 ... I did this a little while ago but I think this tagging is different info so I'll have another go.

Things I love
1. My nestabilities .. what did I ever do before they were invented?
2. Reading ... currently reading "Dark Fire" by C.J. Sansom ... it's brilliant!
3. Watching "Strictly Come Dancing" - I would soooo love to go on that programme!
4. Keeping in touch with friends
5. My husband and family - couldn't do without 'em!

Things I hate
1. Freezing cold weather like we've recently been having
2. Getting soaking wet on the journey to work (another common occurrence all summer long!!)
3. Telephone queueing systems that keep you hanging on indefinitely with appalling muzak
4. Telephone cold callers who invariably call just as you're eating a meal
5. Published documents (eg. newspapers) with spelling and grammatical errors (eats, shoots and leaves anyone?? LOL!)

Music on my ipod
I don't own an ipod and rarely listen to music, but when I do it tends to be
1. Duffy
2. Coldplay
3. Oasis, that's about it

Favourite Food/drink
1. A nice cup of tea ....
2. My husband's chicken curry
3. Most pasta dishes
4. Raspberry pavlova (yes I have a very sweet tooth!)
5. Icecream ... esp. chocolate!

Looking around I see that most people have been tagged recently .. so instead of nominating 5 I will jsut say that if you are reading this and haven't been tagged within the past 6 weeks, consider yourself tagged!

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